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Welcome, Home … almost!

Well, we had a bit of change in plans, and about $100,000 savings this weekend. We had full intentions and a check in hand to purchase a townhouse condo in Wailuku as soon as the phase opened up. The sales office called me on Tuesday of this past week to let me know that there … Continue reading

I’ve never liked vegetables more…

I’ve never liked vegetables more…

From the mouth of my husband this afternoon, he shared that throughout his life he has never liked vegetables more than when we just roast them in the oven. He loves the crispy broccoli and cauliflower mix that is easy to make as well. Honestly, I am beginning to wonder if you can’t just cook … Continue reading

Life with an invisible illness

One cannot imagine the role that you have played in my life. I wake up every morning not sure if you will appear. Somedays just leaving the house and arrive somewhere on time is a victory. The embarrassment that I have endured, just because you are a part of me. Knocking on strangers doors to use … Continue reading

How to make time for writing and art projects…

There are so many resources on the internet machine that provide clear explanations on how to add time for your own personal interest, simply searching; How to make time for writing, or art projects and one is inundated with different time management techniques and an overall wave of resources. I would like to debunk some of … Continue reading

New Job…New Opportunities…New Life!!

Holy Cow! The Fetterly Family has gone through quite a bit of change over the last month! It started with me accepting a teaching position with a blended learning charter school. This school services students across all of the islands in Hawaii, and I am teaching students on 4 of these islands. What this means … Continue reading

Summer BREAK!! Recipe ideas??

The day has come, the boys and I have finished our chores and I am now getting some work done on the computer. Yes, this might be a sign of procrastination starting; however, it has been awhile since I have posted anything! The past few weeks have been quite a blur with the end of … Continue reading