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Anniversary of the gluten

Anniversary of the gluten

I was reminded through the nifty Facebook memories that 7 years ago I was in the hospital. My pancreas and liver were showing signs of stress, and I had been deathly ill at home for a week or so. I couldn’t leave the restroom and I had begun vomiting awesomeness as well. This wasn’t anything … Continue reading

Dabbling with different oils

I first learned about Young Living Essential oils from a Crossfit friend, she had started using them and was sharing about some of the benefits she had experienced. Interested I ordered a starter kit in 2014. I loved the oils, and how amazing my house smelt after diffusing them. The kids loved how peace and … Continue reading

To Papa Don

August 25th, 1929  – February 20th, 2016 You were honestly the least judgmental person that I have ever known, and you would openly and willingly invite strangers into your home to sit around the table and have a cup of coffee. The coffee that was often burnt, from cooking in the coffee pot all day, because you … Continue reading

Redefining myself… and my story

Redefining myself… and my story

For those of you that know me personally you know that I am a strong willed person, I am dedicated, devoted and passionate about many things. When I was in high school I had a teacher once tell me that I had come a long way since I came from a ‘single parent household.’ Something … Continue reading

Life on the PUP list…

In January I was competing in a winter strength challenge when something just didn’t feel right in my shoulder, there was a huge pop and then a lot of pain. I continued to clean and jerk my PR of 110lbs! That weekend I felt as though I was having a minor heart attack! I woke … Continue reading

Lurong is over

The lurong living challenge is over, as much as I hated documenting my food choices and strictly following a derived paleo diet (which to be honest I gave up on when the challenge began to post banana bread recipes and things that were originally against the plan) I do appreciate losing 8 inches and 15lbs … Continue reading

Paleo and Crossfit 110%

As summer is finally here, although living in Maui it is virtually summer everyday, the benefits of being home with the boys and ‘relaxing’ has finally arrived. Over the past two weeks I have worked to refine our Paleo life style and in doing so have jumped fully on board, which means No diary, no grains, … Continue reading