A Mediocre Life … is selling it short.

I read another blog post yesterday that stuck with me a little bit, What if All I want is A Mediocre Life. I thought at first that I really could connect with this author, with the life that she is living. Sure I try to be an amazing mom, but I miss school assemblies or forget to pick up a flower lei for the student of the month activities. I menu plan and try to make healthy easy options that would leave the children’s mouth watering, only to fight through dinner for one more bite. My husband and I love each other and are best friends, sure sometimes that means watching endless episodes of our favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu while sitting in our favorite spots on the couch and chair, barely touching each other for the evening. Sometimes it also means shuttling the kids back and forth, running errands, and helping each other out so that the other person doesn’t have to go to the grocery store or unload the dishwasher. And then on the rare occasion that we actual do get adult time sometimes, that is eating dinner in the peace and quiet of our home while we let the kids play a few minutes longer outside, even though the sun is setting and they should have come in 30 minutes ago.

I read the blog and I felt content with what she was selling, that we don’t all have to strive for greatness in all areas of our life, that life isn’t about ‘Going Big, or Going Home.’ That life in the middle is perfectly fine, living a mediocre life was a balanced life. The more that I thought about the pitch, the more I began to question if calling our lives Mediocre isn’t selling our wonderful, greatness that we get to live each and every day a little short. Why can’t waking up after hitting the snooze button 6 times (or in all honestly I don’t even hear my husband’s alarm go off and I wake up a good 20 minutes later to the very loud music alarm set on my phone) be a demonstration of a great life?

Sure there are times where I feel a little less than fulfilled with my career, grading papers into the wee hours of the morning (okay just kidding I never make it past 8 pm on grading nights), but you know what those days are far outnumbered by the ones where I see learning happening, where I can witness the spark of greatness in my students. Sure there are times when I am yelling at my children to pick up their *%^S(UW$Er shoes from the hallway yet again, that I swear I am going to sell them to the black market. Those moments of parental greatness are always outnumbered by laughter, cuddles, and seeing my boys grow into amazing caring young men.

My life has been filled with challenges, with overcoming odds stacked against me, with the thought that I had to be better, that I had to be great to be good enough. Well, you know what I feel as though my life is pretty amazing. I am married to my soul mate, someone who I get to wake up next to each morning, who tucks me into bed each night, who works hard to provide for his family, this is not mediocre, this is part of my amazing life. Nothing in my life is mediocre. I have been a teacher for 13 years and have touched the lives of hundred of students, families, and educators. I continued to see old students reach greatness in their own lives, whether they are building a family, setting up their profession, playing professional sports, or simply living to their potential. I have battled an autoimmune disease that has put me in the hospital more times that I can count, that I have to continually battle each and every day, that changes the way that I can eat, where I can eat, how I can cook, and what I can feed my family. I have been hospital free since 2011, where I was last admitted for a week due to the fact my body was literally shutting down. I have also been medication free since 2014 and have tried to heal my body naturally, and holistically. That to me is a pretty amazing feat and genuine display of greatness. My husband has achieved his electrical license, that he has worked towards since he graduated from Job Corps in 2001, something that gives the fact that we have to work hard for everything that we have again a true sign of greatness.

I am not trying to brag or to show you that my life is all roses and rainbows, because we have had to work, and dig, and work, and claw our way into our paths, to reach small goals, and then to keep digging and pushing to reach bigger goals. Sure there have been obstacles, and wrong turns along the way, I am the first to tell you I am not good at budgeting and sometimes make major impulsive purchases, but you know what, we make it, and we love our life. To say that our lives are mediocre because we aren’t hitting someone else’s goals is selling our lives short. Love each and every minute of your life, we are all living greatness! Everyone has their own story, and their own place in our lives, we should celebrate where we are in life.

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