Dabbling with different oils


I first learned about Young Living Essential oils from a Crossfit friend, she had started using them and was sharing about some of the benefits she had experienced. Interested I ordered a starter kit in 2014. I loved the oils, and how amazing my house smelt after diffusing them. The kids loved how peace and calming would help them settle down in the evening and we started to make a routine with the use of a few oils in our house. The oils that came with the starter kit were used up quite quickly, and a made another small order. We were using oils in cooking, for mood enhancement on rough teacher days, and I started using the digestion oils to help with grumpy tummy time. As oils started to run out the 2nd time we started to try out some other oils, a quick search on Amazon will quickly show you that there are all kinds of essential oils on the market, and the prices are quite reasonable. I was able to purchase full sets of oils for under $20.

What I began to notice was the quality was lacking, and I didn’t dare ingest any of these replacement oils. Our household use of oils quickly began to dwindle and we began to stop diffusing, stop using, and stop our bedtime calming routines. I did keep buying the digestion oil to help with my grumbling tummy; however, as a family we also swayed in other ways. We have had a lot more cheat meals, and I have had to really rely on my digestion oil to keep me from severe embarrassment in public. We have been busy, we have tried to make it to the gym, and to keep our healthy habits but we haven’t been focused. After some more research into oils I came across a great comparison chart that outlines the different types of oils and why Young Living is a better option that some of the other less expansive oils. Essential Oils can be great preventative care, I am a huge advocate for being proactive in terms of your overall wellbeing rather then being reactive. This is something that I want to continue to grow for my family and my own well being. I spent a lot of time in the hospital, going through testing, and not knowing what was going on. Now that I know I have to spend the time to understand my wellbeing to be in control of the process, rather than trying to figure out what went wrong. Young Living Essential oils are recognized as being one of the highest-quality essential oils, their commitment is recognized in their Seed to Seal process.


Honestly after this crazy election and all of the hatred and blatant racism that is being shared across our nation. I have contemplated what I should do, how I can move behind this and in all honest, I have this strong sense of trying to get back to nature, to a more holistic approach to life. I want to help my family feel more grounded, to understand that in being proactive, we can use nutrition, oils, and lifestyle changes to help with our future. Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years, and have helped millions of people to connect with nature, to increase their overall well being, and to bring balance to this chaotic life.

If you are interested in ordering please follow this link:

Kristie’s young living order page




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