They eat what I eat….or they don’t eat

As my husband and I realized that there have been some negative behaviors, grumpy attitudes, and just a lack of ‘umph’ in our family the past few months we also realized we have ‘let things go’. School starting and all the transitions and changes that occur as a result of having a teacher and a 5th grader and 3rd grader in the home has left us a bit of a whirlwind.

We have made the decision to move back into Paleo as a family, no more ‘cheating’ on gluten free breads, hard apple ciders and lots, I mean lots, of sugar! Vacation is over! This not only helps me, as a strict gluten free ulcerative colitis fighter, it also helps Ayden who has also developed gluten intolerance issues. So the rest of the family can eat what we eat…or they don’t eat;) I don’t think that will be too hard with the pure awesomeness of the food that I cook, and all the amazing resources out there in the world!

For dinner tonight we are having Spaghetti Squash Pizza Casserole using a recipe from PaleOMG (linked to recipe)!

Super EASY, Peasy! And is totally kid approved!!

You will need to remember to cook the spaghetti squash before prepping dinner, which is something that I almost forgot to do….

IMG_5931 Then you put the spaghetti squash in a small casserole dish while you cook up the Italian sausage and onions, adding the pizza sauce, and I added some Italian seasoning.



mix everything in the casserole dish, add 3 whisked eggs then bake @350 for an hour…. I might even put a little mozzarella cheese on top when it is finished!


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