How to make time for writing and art projects…

There are so many resources on the internet machine that provide clear explanations on how to add time for your own personal interest, simply searching; How to make time for writing, or art projects and one is inundated with different time management techniques and an overall wave of resources. I would like to debunk some of these and provide you with a handy way to provide more time for writing or art projects in your already busy schedule.

But first, let me provide you with a glimpse into my life. As a mother of two amazing, but chaotic, children, and a full time teacher I have a lot on my plate already. Then add the fact that I try and cook 90% of our family meals, using farmers market produce, and organic healthy meats…from scratch. In addition, although I teach online which in theory would provide me ample amounts of time to lounge around in my pajamas eating gluten free homemade bonbons, while practicing my writing and art projects. When in all actuality teaching online is harder than teaching in person, seriously. Yes my hours are somewhat flexible, which simply means I can be working on my ‘classroom’ at midnight and the school security guard doesn’t think I am crazy. I still have set teaching times, meetings with students and families face to face all while trying to figure out how to explain Ethos, Logos, and Pathos virtually in a way that makes sense to students who fall across the spectrum of motivation and understanding. At least in the traditional classroom I can see their faces if they are totally confused, today I rely on a chat box. So in addition to family time, mother duties, teaching more than full time, and making it to the gym at least 5 days a week, you would think that I have plenty of time to write, and do art projects. Right?

Option 1: Wake Up Earlier.

This is great in theory if I didn’t already wake up early. In order to have a minute of adult conversation with my husband after the children go to bed, or the occasional ‘adult time’ it is necessary to stay up to at least 9pm. Children are nestled all snug in their beds with visions of minecraft floating in their heads at 8:30pm. This is before the ‘I can’t sleeps’ or ‘I need water’ or ‘The cat is on my bed’. So by at least 9pm they are asleep, hopefully. Either my husband and I sit and enjoy the silence while mindlessly staring at the television or we engage in a brief but blissful conversation. Then we go to bed, usually around 10-11pm. This all depends on if my husband is running in the morning, since he wakes up at 4am to go running. So I wake up at 6 am, because I am not a morning person and this is as early as it gets. Get the boys started for their school day, get them out of the house and walk them to school at 7:30am, then I head to the gym for a workout. I think that going to bed at 10-11p and waking up at 5:30-6 is early enough, so that plan isn’t going to work.

Option 2: Take notes while you are running errands, or going about your day.

Really? Because the notes that I write when I think about the amazing way I can teach students about Ethos, Logos and Pathos while grocery shopping while talking to a parent on my bluetooth is not enough multi-tasking. Or should I take notes while I am engrossed in sweat dying in the middle of my Spin Class when I have an epiphany of my next great story? What about the one hour I get to sit quietly and converse with my husband in the evening, then I should probably take notes and thing about something else. The utter chaos that is my life, which I totally enjoy living in the middle of, does not allow for additional note taking. I already carry a planner, post-its, and a little notebook in my purse for all the different ‘ideas’ that pop into my head that are work and life related, I simply do not think that adding another notebook to jot down writing ideas would be very conducive to my sanity.

Option 3: Just Write!

Well I think I solved that problem. I obviously spent the time writing this blog post, so I guess that will count as my writing for the day.


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