New Job…New Opportunities…New Life!!

Holy Cow! The Fetterly Family has gone through quite a bit of change over the last month! It started with me accepting a teaching position with a blended learning charter school. This school services students across all of the islands in Hawaii, and I am teaching students on 4 of these islands. What this means is that I am creating online curriculum for students, this also means that I no longer work a 7:30-4:30 job! Something that is making me take a bit of an adjustment, and realizing that if planned accordingly I can also have a bit more time to take care of me. For instance this morning I walked the boys to school, went to the gym, where I worked out for almost 2 hours! Then came home, showered and held a 2 hour office hour session to touch base with students in my classes. I then had to drive to another town and meet with my Advisory students for a 2 hour face to face session to make sure they were accessing their classes alright and go through any pieces of information and student training. Then I came home to see my boys doing their chores, and helped them with their homework, and now I have time to sit out on my back porch, drinking a homemade almond milk mocha, and write a blog post!

Everyday of my new teaching schedule is different, and I have the opportunity to do my planning and prep work on my own schedule, hold office hours to meet with students virtually, and run face to face workshops for students who are struggling! Sure all the tech components are adding a bit of learning curve, but I am figuring them out. The students have sent quite a few emails when something doesn’t work or doesn’t seem right, which has been super helpful!

The boys have started a new school, one that is literally 1/8th of a mile from our front door! They get to walk to school and walk home, which they really enjoy. I think it creates a sense of ‘freedom’ and independence, although I am usually standing right at the end of the driveway to see them cross the street by the school it has also been a big adjustment for me! For the past three years I have taught at the same school they attended, given the opportunity to see them walking to their classes, or playing at recess. Sure there were quite a few struggles with my youngest, who felt the freedom of that environment, but walking away from their new school on their first day was a little bitter sweet.

We also moved to a new neighborhood, in an effort to save on rental and electrical prices, and our goal is to buy a house in the next 2-3 years! Yes we will be homeowners on Maui! But all of this at one time, within a matter of weeks was a bit overwhelming. Things feel as though they are finally getting into a good groove, and Tyrel starts his electrical class again next week! Just to throw a wrench in the ease of our new setting. It has been nice having him on ‘summer’ break with me for the last month, but this course ends in October and then he will be able to get his electrical license!

Overall we are all doing well, grateful for the new opportunities, and the adventures that we have had and will continue to have. Just wanted to share what has been going on in our lives, as I set goals and work towards my time management I am hoping to write more blogs, and share my workout plans and more recipes! Everyone loves new recipes!!


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