to live consciously.

Another year has pasted, in what seems like a blur my children have grown older, my husband potentially wiser, and I am sitting here wondering where the year went. I think I feel the same that I did in 2014, maybe even the same in 2013, or 2012. Minus the fact that my entire body is sore because I started my ‘new me’ new year project a little early. I want this to be the year, the year that I recognize and celebrate, the year that I actually live each and every moment. My goal is to live consciously, in the moment. To live and breathe and go about my daily life with a bit more of a conscious intention. I want to see my kids grow, to see the sparkle in their eye when they have a light bulb moment. I want to smell my husband, and feel content in the moment (I know that one sounds a little weird, but it makes sense in my head).

For the past 32 years I have pushed to see what was next, to search around the corner for the next page in my book. Instead of carefully looking at what page I was on, I feel like I flipped the pages a bit to early. In a quest for the next thing I have missed small moments that I will never regain, small celebrations that I breezed over. Whether it was in the gym, outside with the boys, cooking a delicious meal or even working on teaching stuff. I have taken things for granted, and moved forward without the slightest thought.

My goal for 2015 is to sit back, sip my peppermint almond milk hot coco, and feel the breeze against my skin. To watch the waves slide across the sand. Instead of trying to get through a workout I want to celebrate that I can do the workout, and live gloriously in each sweet sweat covered minute. To pay attention to the details in everyday life, to celebrate even the smallest of victories, even if it is the fact that I did not burn our homemade ‘predominately paleo’ pizza for dinner tonight:)

I am more then happy with where my life is, my husband, my children, my accomplishments. I am blessed for the people in my life, my Maui ‘Ohana and my family. That is why I want to cherish it, and live consciously in 2015 and beyond. If this means unplugging my phone a little more often, or pushing myself to just sit and relax, that is what I must do.

Happy New Year, to you and your families. Enjoy every second, cherish the moments, and celebrate all victories. Cheers to 2015!

Fetterly Family

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