I am trying to write a paper, but my brain won’t let me.

Sometimes when you have the moment to sit down and accomplish what is your number 1 on the big To-Do List your brain does not let you. The boys cleaned the house in preparation for their St. Nicholas visit tonight, after all December 6th is Saint Nicholas day. I have been reading through the material that I have to write about, yet am running into a bit of a writers block. There has been quite the flurry of activity in the Fetterly household the past few weeks, and things are not going to slow down. Tyrel is staring his coursework to finalize his Electrical Journeyman License for the good ole’ state of Hawaii, and I have decided to return to a doctoral program in hopes of completing something that I started. For the next 10 months Tyrel will venture to the other side of the island 3 nights a week, and I decided that I will dive deeper into a training program to utilize the time that I am at the gym. I need to refocus on eating clean, and training hard. And in the midst of trying to write a paper, all I can think about is working out, or how else I can spend my time… maybe I just want a cupcake.

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