Life on the PUP list…

In January I was competing in a winter strength challenge when something just didn’t feel right in my shoulder, there was a huge pop and then a lot of pain. I continued to clean and jerk my PR of 110lbs! That weekend I felt as though I was having a minor heart attack! I woke to shooting pain spreading through my left arm, I had decided that I should probably go to the doctor.

I scheduled an appointment with the doctor to simply be informed that I had sprained my shoulder and that I could continue with crossfit and just ice it if it hurt, take some medicine and continue with my life…which I did and the full chaos of my life ensued. Fast forward to this summer where I had the amazing opportunity of sending my boys to summer camp while I enjoyed being a free woman. As any true crossfitter does in that situation you increase the time at the box. I was going twice a day the majority of the week and still not seeing any PRs with this shoulder. I was actually feeling quite defeated! And my arm started to lock up quite frequently to the point that I would have to use the other arm to move it out of the locked position. Then my hip started snapping and popping and sending rays of pain through to my ankle.

Again I figured maybe if I took a little time off this too would go away, it didn’t. I began to get a little nervous because I have some hardware holding this hip together that is over 18 years old (yes it obviously happened when I was just a small little childJ).

Off to the doctor. This time I went to a reputable doctor who actually took x-rays, and seemed interested in my situation. Diagnosis; shoulder has a lot of scar tissue and calcification from the injury in January, in addition to the fact that the popping sound that I heard was most likely my pectoral minor muscle tearing. I was instructed to go to Physical Therapy immediately for the shoulder. For the hip: go see the orthopedic surgeon for a second evaluation to check on the hardware.

The worst hit: NO CROSSFIT!


That was a little over a month ago. Since then Physical therapy has been going well my shoulder isn’t locking up anymore and I have gone at least a week with no pain. I made it to my appointment for my hip and the doctor said the hardware is actually quite secure, the best he has seen for that old of equipment. The negative there is quite a bit of calcification and bone spurs surrounding my hip and he said that I could continue to gain strength and endurance; however, there is going to be pain involved until the joint is free of the calcification and spurs. He said that I probably move more and am building more flexibility through crossfit so this has started to remove the negative bone ‘debris’.

Monday I attempted my first WOD since being cleared and felt defeated.

Friday I attempted my second WOD since being clearly and almost cried, the lunges murdered my hip… It is reassuring that my leg will not fall off; however, not being able to do what I had worked up to is a huge sting to my overall athleticism.

My goal is to continue to push myself, to work through the pain, and to rebuild my foundation. I know that this is going to take tears, sweat, and dedication. In my continued goal to be an inspiration to my boys I guess I am showing them that you can work through the pain to reach your goals, whatever that maybe.

I will go to crossfit at least 3 times a week and give it my all, I will focus on strict Paleo and I know that in the end it will all work out. My physical therapist asked if I honestly think I am going to the crossfit games. I told her that I was realistic, and in my mind I said, Hell YES!


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