What is in a cheat day?

Well if you are human, there are times when you crave that special something. For me it is pizza, and pasta. Although I do convince myself that because it is gluten free I can carelessly indulge. This was me last week. Celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary with my very amazing husband involved gluten free crab Alfredo the night before, Penne’ Pasta gluten free pizza and Star Noodle pad thai the next day. Needless to say I spent the next few days regretting the fact that I convinced myself that as long as I stayed gluten free I could cheat. Sadly, this is not the first time I have faced the same repercussions for my ability to convince myself of pretty much anything. 

After a much needed ‘come to paleo’ conversation with my husband we decided it would be best if we force ourselves into a 30 day Paleo challenge starting…NOW. (Well then, this was on Saturday). I honestly feel amazing, and need to remind myself of this when I begin to feel like I can cheat, just a little bit, just a little gluten free pasta won’t hurt me. 

So in a continued effort to stay off of crazy tummy medicines and keep my Ulcerative Colitis in check I am staying strict Paleo, it is the only way I can get out and enjoy life without searching for the nearest bathroom. (sorry TMI)

Here is what’s for dinner…



Seriously LOVE everydaypaleo!

Thank you for reading, and following my journey through the land of crazy!


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