Posted in March 2013

Paleo pepper poppers

I recently tried a Paleo ‘pepper popper’ recipe that I found online and it was good, but I knew that I could make it a little bit better, that is always the challenge I give myself. So because I wanted something that was a bit simple to eat and easy to prep before crossfit I … Continue reading

Bacon, Apple, Goat Cheese Paleo Crepes

This morning I was in the mood for something different than our traditional bacon and eggs. At first I wanted to just make some Paleo pancakes and then make my favorite bacon and egg pancake sandwich…but I was a little inspired by Hells Kitchen and decided to try a Paleo Crepe. The process was easy; … Continue reading

Creamy Chicken Casserole: PALEO

I was really in the mood for something creamy and yummy for dinner tonight. Finally feeling better after a day and a half of grumpy tummy time some good ole’ comfort food sounds amazing. Taking inspiration from my yummy garlic mashed ‘potatoes’ aka cauliflower I decided to put together something that could just bake in … Continue reading