Paleo chicken Parmesan without the Parmesan;)

Preheat oven to 350
Heat skillet to med/high and coat bottom In olive oil.

3 butterflied chicken breast
Almond meal
Olive oil
Marinara sauce

Garlic cauliflower mash
Almond milk
Organic ghee

Coat chicken breast in eggs then almond meal and place in heated skillet, cook until chicken seperates from pan then flip.
Place all coated and seared chicken breast on cookie sheet.
Start large pot of water and sea salt to boil.
Place chicken in oven for 20 minutes
Place marinara in saucepan on low
Put cauliflower in boiling water let boil until tender 10 minutes or so.
When cauliflower is tender put in food processor or mash with garlic and ghee and almond milk until desired taste and consistency
After 20 minutes remove chicken from oven
Place on plate, cover in marinara and place side on plate and serve!
Great for leftovers to!!


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