Posted in January 2013

Paleo chicken Parmesan without the Parmesan;)

Preheat oven to 350 Heat skillet to med/high and coat bottom In olive oil. Ingredients; 3 butterflied chicken breast Eggs Almond meal Olive oil Marinara sauce Side Garlic cauliflower mash Cauliflower Garlic Almond milk Organic ghee Coat chicken breast in eggs then almond meal and place in heated skillet, cook until chicken seperates from pan … Continue reading

Zucchini prosciutto ‘pizza’

This is my favorite weekend lunch, seriously I am pretty sure I have made it for the past few months for lunch! It is super yummy and everything I alter the recipe it gets better Ingredients Ground almonds or almond meal (I threw a cup of whole almonds in the food processor) 2 large zucchini … Continue reading

Five spice seared Ahi

This was so amazing I couldn’t even post pictures!! We made the long drive to Costco today and picked up some much needed groceries. It has been awhile since we ventured into eating seafood again, due to the fact that we only ate fish for a couple years and have been relishing in our consumption … Continue reading