Paleo and Crossfit 110%

As summer is finally here, although living in Maui it is virtually summer everyday, the benefits of being home with the boys and ‘relaxing’ has finally arrived. Over the past two weeks I have worked to refine our Paleo life style and in doing so have jumped fully on board, which means No diary, no grains, no legumes, no sugars (minus the 2 pumps in my morning coffee). In this transition I have decided to pull the kids on board as well, which I have noticed a couple of things as we have begun to experiment with food. The first thing that is probably the most important, the boys love it! The first couple days of preparing them lunch I was a little nervous that they would really want their traditional PB and J, or ham and cheese sandwich, however; I think the fact that I have continually provided them with options has helped tremendously. An example lunch might be some meat roll ups with veggies inside, a side of strawberries, and maybe some carrots. The boys have devoured their meals and have enjoyed their coconut milk with breakfast. I almost think the transition is easier for them that it was for me, given the fact that they eat with is put in front of them.

I then began to reflect and document my Paleo/Crossfit journey. I have to admit I was a little intimidated in the beginning, I really wanted to master a hand stand before I started Crossfit, and my husband had dramatically transformed his body doing this so I knew it was going to be tough! He convinced me to just try it. And I was addicted from day one. Crossfit is unlike any other work out you will do, however; it combines things that you have done before. Prior to starting crossfit I had worked with personal trainers, I had delved into the land of Zumba, and I never felt like I was getting stronger, or seeing the results that I wanted, sure I would lose weight but I didn’t feel any different.

So in January I gave it a shot, I went to my first Crossfit class. This is a picture of me right before joining Crossfit. This was taken on a hike with the boys. As you can clearly see from this picture I was not in ‘gym’ shape, I definitely needed to get going, but was a little intimidated by the pictures and people who were involved with Crossfit.

Before even thinking about joining CrossFit, after all I was working out…Zumba totally counts right?

I was surprised by my first class, everyone was so supportive and even though I was the last one done I felt like I accomplished something, and that I had actually worked out. I was the last one finished, and the workout took a total of 24 minutes, but I felt amazing, and addicted. The community feeling of CrossFit is something that you do not find in any other Gym. On day one everyone welcomes you into the community, and you feel like everyone works towards their goals while helping others to get to their own. After starting I slowly began to implement Paleo eating at home, working towards finding unique recipe ideas that the boys would eat, and that were easy to prepare.

22 weeks of attending crossfit 2 times a week and mingling in the Paleo lifestyle followed by the last two weeks of intense 5 days a week crossfit, and strict Paleo (minus the one Nonfat Caramel Macchiato and slice of cheese) and I feel amazing. Minus one minor flare up that resulted in a day trip to the doctor my grumpy tummy time has also begun to subside (see previous post regarding Ulcerative Colitis). The positive is that during my day trip to the doctor to replenish my fluids I had to have some blood work done, during this blood work I found out that for the first time in 6 years I am NOT anemic, and my blood work looks amazing across the board! This was so amazing feeling that it continued to make me want to push harder to align our lives with the Paleo diet and include more crossfit. I have decided to start posting recipes on my blog as well to help any of you interested in trying it. Honestly try one or two meals and see how you feel. I know that you 1. won’t be hungry, 2. will feel healthier, 3. have more energy, and 4. feel like a goddess, or god depending on gender.

After 22 weeks of attending crossfit 2 times a week, and eating 80% Paleo, followed by the last 2 weeks of 5x crossfit, and 100% Paleo!

You should check out Tyrel’s transformation at www.LahainaCrossfit.Com, we are kinda ‘famous’ now since we made it to the main page to discuss our transformations!


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