Dedication…Hardwork…but I really want to take a nap…

This is a pivotal week. I have finished a teaching position at one school and now have entered the period of time known as Summer Break. For teachers this really is one long extended period of time to create new years resolutions. A list of things that I will accomplish this coming school year. A list of resolutions that will be completed before the fall…new items to learn, fitness goals, etc. If you know a teacher you will understand that this time of the year really is the end and the beginning tied into one long extended weekend, or so it seems. As a teacher when I speak of the New Year it always involves starting classes off on the right foot, and creating agendas, and organizational patterns that I will stick with for the whole year. New Years seldom involves champagne, or parties.

For me this extended weekend full of resolutions will revolve around one thing, and that one thing is CrossFit. Making sure that I can dedicate myself to making a 45 minute (one-way) commute to the one place where I feel that I can continually see myself grow, where if I spend more time just being there, and doing what is asked I can literally see marked improvements. This doesn’t happen anywhere else, if I show up to my classroom and simply do what is told, well first there would need to be a discussion as to who I would listen to…neverless, there were not be marked improvements.

My plan is to document my journey…the journey that will take me from my current physical state, which honestly is around having to still lose 60lbs, to a state of competitive edge, one that can honestly try out for the crossfit games starting on February 22nd, 2012. So in addition to the list of resolutions I have for this New Year, such as comprehending all things related to the English Language, and grammar, and reading a million novels that I plan on teaching next year, I plan on spending every weeknight over the next 8 weeks dedicated to crossfit…

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