Emergency Kit

As a 24 year old your first impression of an emergency kit is one that families keep to ensure that during a natural disaster there is enough rations of food to feed the family, and a handy supply of bandages to ensure that the injured are well protected.

I held to the same definition when I was 24 years old. Until one day I realized that my doctors recommendation for keeping an emergency kit was essential to my ability to get to work on time, participate in family events, and try to live my life.

I was in the middle of teaching a high school sophomore humanities class. That means I was in the front of the room when I felt the familiar rumble…and the uneasy awareness that I needed to find the restroom immediately. I suddenly stopped speaking and told my students that I needed to leave and that I would be right back. Now if you are an administrator, or a veteran teacher you understand the liability of leaving a group of 15 year old students unsupervised in your classroom, however; when you ahve to go, you have to go.

So I looked around quickly and went to run out of the door. However; as I opened the classroom door, and in my mind this is most clearly reflected in the movie Bridesmaids, when the character played by Maya Rudolph clearly poops her pants in the middle of the street in a designer wedding dress.


There was no designer wedding dress, just me, a 24 year old teacher sitting in the middle of the high school hallway trying to figure out my next move to make it without being seen to the bathroom across the campus. As I contemplated my maneuver I realized that I would pass the lost and found and could grab a jacket to tie around mywaist, since that is never a true giveaway, and make it to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom I quickly cleaned up the mess and plotted my next move. I made it back to my classroom, where surprisingly the students did not murder each other or fornicate while I was gone. From my office phone I called the principal and told her that I had an emergency and had to leave immediately, called my doctor and told him I was on my way in to see him, and gathered my things…

I went straight to my doctors office, well stopped by the house to shower quickly, then straight to the doctors office. I was upset, and very very concerned. When the doctor came in I quickly explained what had happened, and then he chuckled. I told him that I needed to know what the treatment was, what could be done, I had definitely not read about this in the brochure he had given me.

This is when the true definition of Emergency Kit became apparent. He said, “you may just have to prepare yourself, on flare up days you may even have to invest in some depends!” As a 24 year old female I found this to be extremely flawed, and NOT a solution. This is step 1 to my decision to find a solution, treatment, or potential cure for this disease. Although I still have an emergency kit in the trunk of my car, the need to use it is less frequent and I now feel like I can begin to do things with my life, beyond knowing where every bathroom within 3 states radius is located, and the cars of the attendants at specific gas stations that let you use the facilities.

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