to live consciously.

Another year has pasted, in what seems like a blur my children have grown older, my husband potentially wiser, and I am sitting here wondering where the year went. I think I feel the same that I did in 2014, maybe even the same in 2013, or 2012. Minus the fact that my entire body … Continue reading

Savory Paleo Stuffed Pumpkin

With all attempts made to pretend that fall has hit our island home, from drinking a hot pumpkin latte in 80 degree weather, to trick or treating with a sweater, my last effort is to eat a pumpkin dinner. As I scoured the internet searching for a Paleo inspired ‘dinner in a pumpkin’ I came up … Continue reading

Paleo Waldorf Salad – Lunch Amazingness!

Welcome to Sunday, the day before Monday which in my house means the day of meal planning, cooking ahead and slowly preparing for the week. This also means grading assignments that I have procrastinated on from the previous week, and then finding other ways to procrastinate on said grading, like posting to my blog. Each … Continue reading

Printable Meal Planning Tool

Since school is in session, and our lives are pretty busy with Karate, Crossfit, Running, and living life meal planning is my go to. Usually happens on the weekend when we can make the necessary runs to the local farmers markets, costco, and get all of our supplies. I wanted to share with you all … Continue reading

Paleo* Ravioli with Alfredo Sauce…

So in an attempt to squash a craving I have been having for amazing Alfredo sauce and pasta I searched the internet machine and came across this amazing recipe. With a little tweaking I found the ingredients at the farmers market and T-Dogg and I went to work in the kitchen. The result was a … Continue reading